Ep. 152 – Pumpkin Beers and Horror Flicks part 3

Brews, Booze, & Reviews
Brews, Booze, & Reviews
Ep. 152 - Pumpkin Beers and Horror Flicks part 3

Welcome to another yearly edition of Pumpkin Beers and Horror Flicks! This year, however, we get together with the podcast crew from “How To Survive a Horror Movie” with Ryan Stacy and regular guest host Derek Kubicek. With these guys we ponder some of the rules that they put out on how to survive and discuss some of our favorite scary flicks! Of course we also slam down some great holiday brews!
In this episode we sample and review the Pumpkin Pack from Elysian with their Night Owl Pumpkin Ale, The Great Pumpkin Imperial pumpkin ale, Punkuccino Coffee Pumpkin Ale, and their Dark O’ The Moon Pumpkin Stout, along with Wasatch’s Black O’ Lantern Pumpkin Stout.
You can find “How To Survive A Horror Movie” on all podcast platforms, and social media at twitter @how2horror. Also, check out their other podcast “The Castaway Consultants” about the show Survivor.
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