Re-release of Ep. 2 – Richard Bourbon

Brews, Booze, & Reviews
Brews, Booze, & Reviews
Re-release of Ep. 2 - Richard Bourbon

Hi neighbors! Nox here. As we’re winding down, I decided to reach back in the vaults and re-release our 2nd episode recorded January 20th, 2019. I took this episode out because there was just a huge jump downwards in downloads from our first episode to our second, and I knew it was because it was a little sloppy, and the audio wasn’t great at all. I didn’t know how to properly sound-proof the studio, and Matty was learning which plug-ins to use to make us sound better. We had cheap condenser mics that picked up every noise around us as possible, and I still had concrete floors and walls down there. I did a little post on this episode so it should sound quite a lot better than when it was originally released. Enjoy!

Who’s on this episode:

– Nox

– Big Ern

– EZ Chris

– Andrea A

– Travis G

– on the knobs and sliders: Matty B

– and introducing Izzy the dog

Which bourbons:

1) Four Roses Single Barrel

2) 1792 Bottled in Bond

3) Bulleit Frontier Whiskey

FAQ’s answered for our listeners:

– What is bourbon?

– What does Single Barrel mean?

– What is Small Batch?

– What do they do with the one-use barrels when distilleries are done with them?

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