Ep. 145 – Intro to Mezcal

Brews, Booze, & Reviews
Brews, Booze, & Reviews
Ep. 145 - Intro to Mezcal

Holy smokes, neighbors! We finally get the chance to dive into some Mezcals in this show! We are by no means experts since we are smack dab in the middle of the North American continent and have a limited supply here, so we enlisted Evan from Bridgeview Liquors (one of our sponsors) to come on and drop a little knowledge to us and to you!

In this episode we sample and review Monte Alban Mezcal Con Gusano, 2 from Yuu Baal including their Espadin and their Artesenal Pechuga, Koch El Espadin, Burrito Fiestero, Banhez Espadin and Barril, and Cruz De Fuego.

Thanks to https://fargounderground.com/ and https://www.bridgeviewliquors.com/ for supporting the show.

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On behalf of everyone at Brews, Booze, & Reviews, may your glasses be full, and your spirits high!


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