Ep. 113 – NA Beers part 3

Brews, Booze, & Reviews
Brews, Booze, & Reviews
Ep. 113 - NA Beers part 3

Dry January. Starting on the 1st and going without alcohol of any kind until February 1st. That idea is catching on globally, and for some it’s a way to hit the reset button, make some pandemic-inspired resolutions, and find new ways to relax and destress. Starting in 2013 in the UK with around 4,000 people, it has now reached millions of folks who are just wanting to make some healthier choices for a month.

In this episode, good ol’ guest #2 Ben is back to hang with the BBR crew. Today we sample and review the Citra Lager, IPA, Black Ale, and Coffee Stout from Hairless Dog brewing, and follow it up at the end with Lagunitas Brewing’s IPNA.

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On behalf of everyone at Brews, Booze, & Reviews, may your glasses be full, and your spirits high!


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