Ep. 106 – Barrel Aged Brews part 3 of 3 – LAST CALL edition

Brews, Booze, & Reviews
Brews, Booze, & Reviews
Ep. 106 - Barrel Aged Brews part 3 of 3 - LAST CALL edition

We finally made it to the last installment of the series on barrel aged brews! We’ve previously asked brewers from two local breweries (Junkyard Brewing and Drekker Brewing) 10 questions we thought our audience might want to know about what barrel aging a beer is all about. In this LAST CALL edition, we stick with the traditional LC formula and get a little tipsy with Mick Klein and cousin Torry while asking the brewers off the wall hits such as “How do you get such a high ABV% if it doesn’t come from the barrel”, and “What’s a yeast cake”, to “How does barrel temp affect the beer”, and “what future barrel projects do you have coming”?

We sample and review Great Divide Brewing’s Wood Werks Barrel Series #3 brown rye ale, Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck’s 2013 Trignac XII, and 3 Floyds Brewing’s Pillar of Beasts barrel aged salted caramel barleywine. Some hefty bois to round out the trifecta, and we hope you enjoy!

For more information on our guest Mick Klein and his music, head over to – https://mickklein.com/ and show him some love!

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