Ep. 86 – Shandies and Radlers

Brews, Booze, & Reviews
Brews, Booze, & Reviews
Ep. 86 - Shandies and Radlers

While we here at BBR didn’t debate whether these beer-coctions are called Radlers or Shandies,  we DID debate on which of these brews were the best on this day! While a traditional half-and-half mix of a good lighter-tasting beer and a real lemonade (or lemon-lime soda) sounds like an easy thing to try yourself at home, these fantastic breweries have given great thought and research into their OWN recipes. We sampled and reviewed Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy, Jack Pine’s Lemon Shandy Cream Ale, Fargo Brewing’s Kenny’s Lemonade Radler, Revelation Ale Work’s Rev RADler, and Half Brother’s Half Twisted Radler.

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